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Session 5: Alumni-Founded Companies Panel Talk

1 hour Business CEUs approved by the Association of Medical Illustrators

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Christine Young's Headshot

Christine Young is the founding and creative partner of Young & McKenna, Art for Science, Health and Medicine, a small medical visualization studio in Evanston, Illinois dedicated to developing visual content for medical animation and media. The studio specializes in research and visual strategy for commercialization of biopharmaceutical therapies and mechanism of disease for physician education. Her work lays the foundation for visual education through interactive and motion media experiences in a cellular and molecular environment.

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Annie Campbell headshot

Annie Campbell
A 2010 graduate of the UIC, BVIS program, Annie is a medical illustrator and animator who runs Now Medical Studios with her business partner, Emily Holden. Her experiences as an art director, project manager and multimedia artist for various studios and companies in the USA and UK have provided her with a broad range of skills and expertise that she now brings to every project. Annie firmly believes in life long learning and sharing. One of her passions is sharing the business of medical illustration with younger artists embarking into the field. She founded and is an active contributor of Learn Medical Art with Emily, a channel dedicated to creating and sharing tutorials, articles and resources from the field.

Scott Dixon headshot

Scott Dixon
Scott Dixon (CMI) is the Medical Animation Art Director for Swarm Interactive, publisher of ViewMedica®. A constantly evolving library of more than 1,911 patient education videos, ViewMedica® allows healthcare professionals to explain complex medical topics to their patients. Swarm Interactive was the recipient of the 2020 Dr. Frank H. Netter Award for Special Contributions to Medical Education. Scott was previously a faculty member at UIC BVIS, specializing in 3D and VR. He has recently served as an adjunct faculty member at UNC Chapel Hill with a focus on Interactive Media.

Michael Havranek headshot

Michael Havranek
A 2000 graduate of the UIC, BVIS program, Michael is co-owner and Chief Medical Illustrator / Production Manager at Amicus Visual Solutions. Amicus specializes in Medical-Legal Illustrations and presentations for the courtroom, and works with over 300 clients across the nation. Since inception in 2005, Amicus has created over 9000 illustrations and animations and won multiple AMI awards of excellence. Today Amicus employs 13 illustrators in various capacities and is expanding beyond its core legal business into other areas of biomedical communication and health information services.

Michael Havranek headshot

Mike Moran
Mike Moran is a 2009 Graduate of the BVIS program. He co-founded Newt Studios with Alexey Kashpersky in 2017, driven by a shared purpose to reveal the beauty and wonder of biological processes through cinematic-quality visual storytelling. Newt Studios produces leading-edge 3D medical animations to communicate the innovative science of novel therapeutics, medical devices, and biotech platforms. The Newt Studios team distills complex technologies into instructive visualizations to engage audiences across video, VR, and AR platforms. Prior to founding Newt Studios, Mike worked with the talented groups at Radius Digital Science and The VisualMD. He has supported leading brand and product launches in the roles of 3D Scientific Visualizer, 3D Art Director, Project Manager, and Senior Producer. Mike loves working at the interface of scientific communication and design, where the projects require deep wells of creativity and biomedical expertise.